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OOC: Medical Notes for trans_9

Jul. 20th, 2011 | 08:32 pm

Name: Sasami Masaki Jurai Age: 8 years (+700) Sex: Female Height: 48 inch Weight: 75 lbs
[X] Magical by nature/practices magic. [ ] Can't have magic used on. [ ] Contagious (see notes).
Average Lifespan: ~10,000 Years (Earth-related) Rate of Maturity: ~18-20 (educated) Average age of Puberty: ~13-15

Normal Diet:  List [Here]

Common Ailments:  List [Here]

Specific Notes: Usage of healing magic "Curara" via connection to crewmate Aqua. Connection to deity-like being "Tsunami" (Effect unknown due to possibly on-ship effects)
All of the following sense-related questions are to be answered in comparison to an average Homo sapiens. Ask your medical provider for assistance in answering this section.
Blood Pressure: [X] Average | [ ] Low | [ ] High
Vision: [X] Fine | [ ] Near Sighted | [ ] Far Sighted | [ ] Enhanced
If Enhanced, further explain:
Hearing: [ ] Deaf | [ ] Low | [ ] Average | [ ] High Range | [ ] Low Range | [ ] Extremely Sensitive
If necessary, further explain:
Smell: [ ] Cannot Smell | [ ] Low | [X] Average | [ ] High | [ ] Extremely Sensitive
If Extremely Sensitive, further explain:
Known Allergies:  None

Are there any potential complications with healing processes we should be aware of when treating you?:  None

Do you have a healing factor different from the average for your species? If so, explain how here:  No

Have you recently been screened for species, sex, and age specific cancer risks?:  No

Special notes on care: None

Record of Past Injuries: Killed as a young child. Resurrected by deity "Tsunami" (OOC: This is what she believes, not what actually happened)

Ship Health Records:  Attacked by Mei-Xing while possessed. Assaulted by Ohm on Zokez II. Attacked by Alessa under virus influence.
Have you ever been sexually active?:  No

Are you currently Sexually Active: NO!

Have you recently been screened for STIs?:  No!

Species specific sexually related health notes and/or issues:  None
Reproductive Health (skip if N/A)
Date of Last Menses/Estrus/Equiv (skip if n/a): [insert date here]

Number of pregnancies:  0

Number of pregnancies carried to term:  0

Age of first birth/hatching/etc. (if applicable):

Total number of births/hatching/etc.:
Are you or should you be on any prescribed medication? If so, list below: No

Have you taken any recreational or non-prescribed drugs or substances in the past? Is so, please list them and their frequency of use below: No

Do you currently take any recreational or non-prescribed drugs or substances? Is so, please list them and their frequency of use below: No
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Planeocracy App

Mar. 20th, 2011 | 10:20 pm

Player Name: Ash Blaze
Character Name: Sasami Masaki Jurai (with the goddess Tsunami)
Canon: Tenchi Muyo! (OVA version)

Background: The second daughter of King Azusa and second wife Queen Misaki and younger sister to Princess Ayeka and half-brother Prince Yosho, Sasami's life was pretty normal. Well, normal for a princess on the distant planet Jurai would be. However, when she was around four years old, the space pirate Ryoko Hakubi attacked Jurai on orders of the criminal Kagato. During the attack, Sasami was separated from her retainer, Mama, and wandered into the Royal Tree Room. While talking with the trees, one of the Juraian battleships crashed into the building and the shaking caused Sasami to lose her balance and fall to her death.

Or it would have, had the goddess Tsunami not sensed her waining essence thanks to her landing near her tree. Taking Sasami's body, she revived and bonded with the girl, giving Tsunami a link to the physical world. However, Sasami now believed that the real her had died and she was nothing more than a vessel for Tsunami. She tried telling Ayeka, but could never spit it out. When Ayeka decided to run off to find Yosho, who had chased after Ryoko during her attack, Tsunami urged Sasami to follow. Falling into a state of suspended animation, Sasami would wake up seven hundred years later... not only running into Ryoko, but a young boy named Tenchi Masaki. In a playful manner, Sasami agreed to free him if he'd get something from Ayeka - her headpiece. However, a series of hilarious events would lead to Tenchi gaining Ayeka's wrath and Ryoko stranding the two princesses on Earth. Sasami would easily get used to Earth, even befriending the resurrected Ryo-Ohki - Ryoko's spaceship that could now transform into a cabbit. However, the good times came to an end when Kagato came knocking, capturing Ryoko and forcing Tenchi, Ayeka and the recently arrived Galaxy Police officer Mihoshi to follow. When the resulting combat lead to Tenchi grieviously wounded, Sasami was able to bring Tsunami to Earth, who revived the young man and unlocked his true potential, defeating Kagato and rescuing everyone, including the mad scientist Washu.

One would think that things would be quiet after that. However, the past would catch up to Sasami and she would end up having her secret revealed. When she learned that Ayeka (and by extention, Tenchi) would still love her no matter what, the poor girl was gratefully relieved, though Tsunami did tell the others that the girl before them was the real Sasami, no matter what she thought. Soon after, Ayeka and Sasami's parents arrived on Earth, with Azusa intending on taking his daughters back home. However, both of them stood their ground, forcing Azusa to have Tenchi fight his chosen suitor for Ayeka for the two to stay. Thanks to a crashlanding by Mihoshi, Tenchi was the winner and the girls stayed.

Things didn't prove that simple, as Sasami's grandmother, Lady Seto, arrived along with a few of Tenchi's hidden away relatives (including his sister and grandmother), intending on introducing Noike Masaki, Sasami's adopted aunt and chosen fiancee for Tenchi (unbeknown to all but Ayeka and Ryoko, Airi was there to keep an eye on everyone because Earth was now the one planet with the greatest amount of power in the galaxy). When Mihoshi's brother came to Earth, hauling a massive planet-like spacestation, Sasami was one of the ones captured in an attempt to haul everyone in for "harming" Mihoshi. However, Sasami was not only able to defeat her captor, but convince her to admit her true feelings to the man. Before everything could be settled, however, a man known as Z arrived, destroying part of Earth and forcing Tenchi into battle. When the goddess Tokimi made her appearance in an attempt to intervene, Tsunami took over and confronted her sister. When Tenchi was gravely wounded in battle, Washu would join her sisters in her true form to save him. However, when the being known as the Counteractor appeared (in actuality, Sasami's own mom, Misaki), the other two goddesses were left helpless to save her, only with Tenchi's seemingly ascention to godhood soothing the being and stopping her completely. With the crisis at hand settled, the truth of the three goddesses and Tenchi stood revealed - they wanted to find the being who had power greater than the three of them and Tenchi was that one. They elected to reset time, allowing Z to live his life normally, but allow Tenchi's power to grow as usual. This did have an interesting side-effect: Tokimi enjoyed the presence of these people so much, she elected to stay with them. Sometime later, Sasami would be invited to the wedding of Tenchi's father and his girlfriend, the air between father and son cleared after the secret of Tenchi's mother's life was revealed.

Setting Information: (fill out the World Description posted below. If your world is already represented, you may skip this step.)

Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki

Ability Changes: No ability changes here! We got gods here, so...
Ability Limitations: Same here!
Form Restrictions: Ditto!
Social Restrictions: Humanoid beings can easily wander Earth without drawing too much suspision. Though the governments (at least Japan) knows about the existance of aliens on Earth, aliens try not to use their powers in public. Oddly, colored hair isn't a problem here.
Notes: Warning: aliens. Warning: harem zone. Warning: don't talk to the boy. Warning: beward the pink-haired one
Additional Information: Earth ISN'T the only location in the series, though it is the main focus. However, many places, including the Empire of Jurai, consider the planet to be off-limits due to the fact that it has very primative space travel. As well, it is also a major hotspot due to the concentrated amount of power there.

Portal Location: Masaki Home, kitchen entrance.

Personality: Sasami is, by all manners, a normal little girl, though more mature than most people. She enjoys the simple things little girls do, but holds a major love of cooking and cleaning. If anything, people could easily say she'd make an awesome housewife in the future. However, she isn't always Little Miss Nice: she's not above playing pranks on people and when she gets angry, she'll show it for sure.

If there's one major flaw this girl has, though, it's thoughts about herself. Ever since her resurrection, Sasami believes that she is just a construct of the real Sasami, created by Tsunami the day she "died". Because of this, she may tend to be withdrawn, especially towards others she's earned their trust from due to the fact that, if they knew the truth, they would easily turn away from her.

Probably from all the time Sasami's spent with everyone and including her own experiences, she easily understands matters of the heart. That was easily shown when she was able to convence a Galaxy Police officer to admit her feelings towards another of her group.

Despite her assimilation and the craziness she's had to deal with, Sasami is probably one thing amongst all others: adorable and loving. She's a kid first and everything else second.

Tsunami, for the most part, tends to share the same personality with Sasami due to their assimilation. This is easily shown when she was trying to convince the Counteractor to stand down, calling her "Mommy" when she realized it was Misaki. As well, she freaked out when Ryoko began man-handling Ryo-Ohki after it was reborn into two cabbits, causing it to be refused into one. Despite this, she's shown to be calm and wise in her mannerisms, though a bit scatterbrained over certain things, like why Ayeka and Ryoko would hate the fact that Sasami would grow up to be her.

Reason for Joining: Realizing that incidents like those involving Z and the battlestation Chobimaru might lead to other, drastic consequences elsewhere if left unchecked, Tsunami urges Sasami to join in in order to prevent such drastic calamities.

Position Desired: If it's at all possible, I'd like to have it split down the middle: Sasami as an Agent and Tsunami as a Councilor. Concieveably, she'd want to know both herself and Tsunami would exist, but only want the other Councilors to know Sasami and Tsunami are one and the same.

Point in Canon: Post-OVA 3, but before the events of Tenchi Muyo! GXP

Notes: Sasami by herself isn't that amazing, as she's just a normal little girl. She has skills using staffs, presumably through training by Queen Misaki. She's also an amazing cook, as she's usually the one cooking meals for those in her house.

However, as Tsunami is a goddess and, thus, incredibly powerful. The canon is very vauge as to what she can do, though. On-screen she's shown to heal others from the brink of death (even reconstructing destroyed body parts) and is shown to be powerful enough that, when blocking an attack by Tokimi, it obliterated a good portion of the Sol System. She also exists in three forms - the phyiscal form, which resembles an older Sasami, her battlecraft form, which can summon 10 energy "wings" known as the Wings of the Light Hawk (which is a powerful barrier system that Juraian craft can use) and is armed with a number of energy cannons, and the tree form, which is housed in Jurai.

Though Tsunami can exist in the waking world, she cannot do it on her own - Sasami must be inactive or the two can switch places if need be.

Sample Post: http://community.livejournal.com/testrun_box/202355.html

This should do it!

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Cape and Cowl App Round 2

Mar. 7th, 2010 | 03:51 am

NAME: Ash Blaze
AGE: 26
JOURNAL: ashs_stash
IM: HyprKnux1 (AIM
E-MAIL: HyprKnux1@aol.com

CHARACTER NAME: Sasami Masaki Jurai
FANDOM: Tenchi Muyo! (OVA universe)
CHRONOLOGY: Post-Tenchi Muyo! GPX
ALTER EGO: Your character’s civilian name and job!

Sasami Masaki Jurai is the second-born princess of Azusa and Misaki, two of the three rulers of the distant planet of Jurai. Along with her elder sister Ayeka and her half-brother Yosho, Sasami pretty much lived a simple life. But that all changed when she was four. Without warning, the space pirate Ryoko Hakubi, under the thrall of the criminal Kagato, attacked Jurai. As everything fell apart, Sasami seperated from her royal retainer, Mama. Running into the Royal Tree Room, she began to talk to the special trees within. That's when a Juraian battleship crashed into the room, knocking Sasami off the platform... and to her death.

Yet, death would not have her. Her body fell to the bottom, where the first tree, Tsunami, laid. The goddess within the tree sensed her waining essence and, to save her, bonded with the girl. Sasami was saved, but the girl felt that, because Tsunami saved her, she wasn't the real Sasami. For the longest time, she tried to tell Ayeka the horrible truth, but could never do so. When Ayeka decided to leave Jurai to hunt down Yosho, who had disappeared chasing after Ryoko, Tsunami urged Sasami to join Ayeka onboard her sister's ship, Ryu-Oh.. For 700 years, Sasami slept in suspended animation, until they arrived on a backwater planet named Earth. When Sasami came to, she found out that Ayeka had taken Ryoko captive and was holding another person captive as well: a young Earth boy named Tenchi Masaki. Freeing him, she told Tenchi she'd help him get off the craft if he played a game: get Ayeka's headpiece off her head. Unfortuantly, Tenchi got overzealous and tried to go after the sword hilt she'd taken away from him earlier and got chased by Ayeka's guards. As Tenchi grabbed Sasami and dragged her over to where Ryoko was being held, the girl freed the pirate and, as thanks, watched as Ryoko slammed Ryu-Oh and Ryoko's ship, Ryo-Ohki, into the waters in Japan, destroying the Seto Bridge.

Unliked Ayeka, who flailed and whined at the thought of being stranded on Earth, Sasami took to it with ease, cooking and cleaning for the inhabitants of Tenchi's house (which had gotten moved from Tokyo to the Masaki Shrine in Okiyama thanks to Ryoko's actions.) Gullible girl that she was, she fell for it when Ryoko told her that the mysterious brown egg was the love child of Tenchi and the pirate... only to go gah-gah when she discovered that it was actually an adorable cat-like rabbit, a cabbit named Ryo-Ohki. After a rainstorm left Tenchi and Ayeka stranded outside, Sasami begged Ryoko to make it stop raining (she couldn't), then had her help find the two. Soon after, the four ended up going to a small resort owned by Tenchi's aunt, only to watch as Ayeka and Ryoko tore the place apart and ended up meeting a new visitor: the Galaxy Police Officer Mihoshi Kuramitsu. That night, Sasami dreamt of Kagato returning, but kept it secret.

Sadly, that dream came true as Kagato arrived, taking Ryoko prisoner and taunting the others to follow. In the process, Tenchi was mortally wounded. Not wanting him to die, Sasami allowed Tsunami to take over and, in the process, unlocked Tenchi's true potential. With Kagato killed, the gang welcomed in another person: Ryoko and Ryo-Ohki's creator (and mother) Washu Hakubi. But, as the time passed, Sasami worried that she couldn't keep her secret of being one with Tsunami safe for much longer, especially after Washu revealed her past to the others. That time came when the gang revisted the resort and was forced to rebuild it. After Tenchi had a panic attack as he tried to fix the power at the place, he ended up crashing into the ladies' baths, he and the girls thinking that a ghost was there. When the lights came on, they saw Sasami... until Mihoshi looked at the water and gasped in shock seeing Tsunami's reflection instead. Horrified, Sasami ran, forcing the others to find her. Ryoko and Mihoshi found her first, but was stopped by Washu, who let Ayeka go first (Tenchi found that out after finding the two sisters). When Sasami was told that it didn't matter who she was, as long as she was still loved, Sasami took that as a good sign and went to hug... Tenchi. Tsunami appeared shortly after and reassured them that Sasami was the real one and that everything was fine... except Ryoko and Ayeka saw it as "Sasami becomes Tsunami, thus is a threat to their plans to win his heart."

Soon after, the gang dealt with some minor crisis, first with a set of Mass trying to attack Tenchi, leading to Ryo-Ohki to gain a humanoid form, and Dr. Clay replacing Ryoko with a duplicate in an attempt to capture Washu. Soon after, Sasami was greeted by her parents again after so long, but was shocked when Azusa decided it was time for them to return home. When Ayeka refused, Sasami refused as well... then added in that if he forced her, she'd hate him, leaving him no choice but to challenge Tenchi by having him battle Ayeka's chosen suitor, the fopish Seiryo. Thanks to Mihoshi's crashlanding, though, Tenchi won by default and the girls got to stay. Soon after, the gang was hit with a number of surprises, including meeting Tenchi's sister Tennyo, his grandmother Ari, and his "fiancee" Noike. Not long after, the group found themselves attacked by a group of Galaxy Police agents, lead by Mihoshi's brother Misao, who had believed that Tenchi was treating Mihoshi wrong. Sasami found herself captive by the leader of the strikeforce, Mashisu, who had a crush on Misao. Sasami, amazingly, defeated her and convinced her to confront Misao.

Sadly, not much would get done as Z, the true mastermind behind the attack, set off an attack that lead to the destruction of a fraction of the Earth. Z chased Tenchi, the others following suit, and when Tenchi found himself in danger thanks to another goddess, Tokimi, Tsunami stepped in, causing a fraction of the Solar System to be destroyed before Washu revealed her true self and stopped the two, making them focus on Tenchi's predictiment. As they did, another being stepped in, threatening to slay Tokimi - the Counteracter, who was actually Lady Misaki! Tenchi utilized his true battle and calmed the Counteracter, allowing Tokimi to be freed. Soon, the three goddesses began explaining their true purposes: to find the being more powerful than they... and they had found it in Tenchi. To correct the damage caused by Z, the three reset time so that Tenchi's natural growth went unaltered, but allowed Z to live a different life. Back on the reset Earth, the group watched as Misao dealt with his punishment, now caused by Noike to make sure certain future (Re: Tenchi Muyo! GXP) events occur, then to learn the truth of the death of Tenchi's mother.

Sasami would be around to greet Seina Yamada, an old friend of Tenchi's a year later when he dropped in to find out more about the cabbit in his possession, named Fuku, then, sometime later, attend Seina's wedding


Despite the incredibile boost in power and the fact that she's bonded by a goddess like Tsunami, Sasami is actually a pretty well-adjusted girl. Unlike the other girls living with Tenchi, Sasami tends to be the most mature of the group, acting more like an adult than those living there, especially as she's the one who does most of the cooking and cleaning around the house. Despite this, Sasami is still a child at heart and enjoys doing childish things, wiether it's playing with other children or playing pranks on others.

Probably what weights most on Sasami is the fact that she's bonded with Tsunami and, as such, feels that she isn't the real Sasami. To this end, Sasami tries her hardest to prove that she is needed in some capacity, most likely to feel like she's still needed.


Thanks to arriving in the City (and leaving. And reappearing again), she's no longer connected to Tsunami fully. Enough to keep her alive, but not enough for her to interfere. In her stead, Sasami has the ability to transform into a magical girl, utilizing a special baton. As Pretty Sammy, she can fire simple bolts of magical energy as well as a number of skills, including:

Pretty Wing - turning the sash of her uniform into a set of wings so she can fly.
Pretty Face - using her adorable face to stun her opponents silly.
Pretty Boomerang - launching a bolt of energy like a boomerang



All of her posts right here



All of her logs right here

This is the same Sasami that was here before my unwarrented bolting. I'm not rebooting her. I miss the CR she had for her.

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HMD Post

Sep. 18th, 2009 | 08:38 pm


- Posting Enabled
- Anonymous Enabled

Please, leave REASONABLE messages on here. Any whining, flamebait and the like will lead to the disabling of the anonymous posting.

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Permissions Post

Aug. 10th, 2009 | 11:00 pm

Amongst many of Sasami's Tsunami-granted gifts is the ability to have visions of the future through dreams. Sadly for Sasami, these dreams are VERY disturbing and, at times, violent and bloody. Despite this, though, she usually DOESN'T remember much about it unless it involves someone she knows (when she dreamed of Kagato's appearance, she shrugged it off, but had a strange feeling about it, and when she dreamed of Tokimi taking Tenchi away, she only remembered SOMEONE taking Tenchi away).

Thus being said Sasami CAN have dreams about people, recognize them on sight, but as soon as the dream ends, she can only remember those she's met face to face.

To be on the safe side, CAN Sasami dream of any of your characters and/or certain plotty things should things reach that point?

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capeandcowl Application

Aug. 3rd, 2009 | 05:36 pm

Application Under the CutCollapse )

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A note...!

Aug. 3rd, 2009 | 05:33 pm

Anyone still having this journal befriended at digital_dive, please defriend. I'm kinda hoping to use this for capeandcowl

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Guardian Entry 48: Help...! [Locked to Dragon/Inn and Cornelia]

Oct. 27th, 2008 | 05:08 pm
location: Silver Dragon Apartments - Sasami and Kazusa's Room
mood: hopeful hopeful

...I think I'm okay... at least... I hope so. I'm not running away, nor am I quitting, but...

I need help... I can't do this on my own...

Colette-chan, Karin-chan, Hitomi-chan... we... we're not acting like a team... and I've been brushing you all off because of what happened with both Terra and Kazune-kun... I can't let that happen anymore. You guys aren't just my teammates... you're my friends and so much more with you, Hitomi-chan... <3 ...we need to do something... together... I don't care if we're training or just hanging out... we need to do something together... I love you all...

Will, Irma, Cornelia (I know you just got here, but...), Hay Lin-neesan... if... if there's anything you four can do to help us, please... let me... no, let us know. Any little bit of help works...

David, Jason, I... I'm sorry for how I acted... can... can you forgive me?

(OoC: Strikes locked to New Guardians)

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Guardian Entry 47: Devistated [Locked to all...except for one]

Oct. 24th, 2008 | 10:38 pm
location: Silver Dragon Apartments - Sasami and Kazusa's room
mood: guilty guilty

Why... this... this isn't fair. This isn't fair at all... I... I couldn't save Kazune... like I couldn't save Optimus... like I couldn't save Hay Lin-nee san.

I'm a horrible leader. I'm a horrible person... what kind of person allows their friends to die...?

All this power... and I can't save anyone...

M-Maybe I should... should just give up...

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Guardian Entry 46: Do You...? [Fail!Lock to Hitomi, Locked to Dragon/Inn]

Oct. 21st, 2008 | 10:34 am
location: Silver Dragon Apartments - Sasami and Kazusa's room
mood: embarrassed embarrassed

Hitomi-chan? Uhm... I was wondering...

You know that Creation Day event that's happening? Well, I was wondering...

Do you want to come with me to it? Y-You know, kinda, sorta... oh...

...like a date? <3

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